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adding decorative corners to pre-finished frame

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Most any frame can be elevated to something even more special with the addition of decorative elements. We offer an affordable alternative to a hand carved frame by simply applying compo corners to a pre-finished, factory produced frame.

Below is a lovely Dutch oil painting in a pre-finished frame. Our client wanted to give it an aged, more handmade look. We decided to tone down the finish and add a leaf pattern to the corners.

We chose an acanthus leaf pattern for the corners. Here are the compo "cookies".

This shows the antique mold we chose and the applied compo ornament.

The compo corner is prepped with a red base.

The compo is gold leafed.

This process will tone down the bright gold, age and unify the finish.

The corner ornamentation blends nicely with the other elements.

The completed frame.

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